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ABOUT StrengthSolutions

Change your body, open your mind, become the best person you can be.

StrengthSolutions was created to give people the most accessible, honest, and beneficial fitness advice. To put an end to myths and guide people just like you to finding the solution. Through our STAMPS programs, free-spoken podcast, and incredible coaching we are going to help change modern perception of fitness.


Edwin Santiago: CPT

"My life revolves around helping people reach their fitness and health goals.  I have been doing this for many years and I mostly love myth busting. The fitness industry has told so many lies to us all!!!  What I really want to do is provide proper information for each individual, so people can thrive.  The goal is to lead people into the new wave of fitness, by making fitness accessible to all!!!

Nathaniel Espinoza: ACSM CPT

"My passion in life lies in the helping of others. I want to change the world and the fitness industry by providing information and coaching to those who need it, in a way that doesn't alienate people who are new but, can also push those who are intermediate and advanced to levels they have always wanted." 


Become the strongest you can be with the help of our community.

Join now and get access to the forum where you can talk to others in the StrengthSolutions community. Post videos of your workouts to get feedback, ask questions, and talk directly with the trainers.

STAMPS Programs

STAMPS stands for; Strength Transforming Accessible Muscle Programming System. It is the system we have created with multiple difference programs to choose from to fit your goals. Whether you are new to fitness and need a program to get started or you are advanced and need something to get you to the next level the STAMPS programs are exactly what you need.

After Training

Dedicated to enhancing lives, our primary goal is to empower individuals to attain a superior quality of life. It all began with a passion for health and fitness, a journey fueled by love and commitment.

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Ready to find the solution?

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